Mandals is a leading manufacturer of Lay-Flat Hoses suitable for high volume and high pressure, retrievable and permanent fluid discharge for On-Shore / Off-Shore, Mine De-Watering, Fracturing and other applications. Used in various sectors over a decade like Fire Fighting and Oil Field Industry which offer a flexible, mobile, easy to handle alternative to Rigid Piping – providing a cost saving and environmentally friendly solution.


Mandals Flexitex Extra is intended for more demanding fluid transfer, f. ex. for drill water supply to onshore rigs, as a feeder hose for larger irrigation and slurry units in the agricultural sector or as a general transfer hose for non-flammable liquids in construction, mining and industry. It is easy to store and deploy/retrieve, adapts well to the terrain and can be routed around obstacles. The design ensures minimum stretching and a very high pressure rating to wall thickness ratio. The rubber blends have excellent chemical resistance and little or no reaction to H2S or saline content. Lengths up to 200 meters means less couplings and less pressure drop.


This hose is intended for “High Volume Transfer” of fluids at higher than normal working pressures yet is light weight and easy to deploy. The excellent abrasion resistance prevents the hose from being damaged when deployed in rugged terrain where other types of outer cover would be worn off quickly due to the pulsations of the flow combined with the weight of the filled hose. The heavily reinforced weave ensures minimum extension in length and minimum “snaking” of the deployed hose. Available up to 200 meters in dimensions 8”, 10” and 12”.


A flexible bore hose for use in ground water abstraction – for drinking water, irrigation or in mine dewatering. Easier to handle and install than conventional rigid piping of metal or plastic, with greatly improved flow rates and efficiency due to no scale build up or corrosion, and up to 15% swell during operation. Maximum length extension is 2%, with minimal torque. Integrated loops for attaching the electrical cable. Especially designed couplings and the exceptional tensile strength carry the weight of the pump, the electrical cable, the column of water and the couplings for problem free use over time. Lengths up to 400 meters in 2” to 6”, for use in max 250 m deep wells. The very high pressure rating also makes this hose preferred for emergency systems with needs for high volume water transfer.